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The Brasseries of Paris

By François Thomazeau
Photographs by Sylvain Ageorges

"A brasserie is where the pleasure of the eye is reunited with the pleasures of the table."

In the sparkling brasseries of Paris, waiters in traditional long white aprons balance overflowing trays as they weave their way through beautiful Art Deco and Art Nouveau dining rooms with stained glass windows, romantic femmes-fleurs murals, glistening mirrors. The traditional menu—a lighter version of the pricier dishes served in "real" restaurants—includes choucroute, steak-frites, towering fresh seafood platters, and soups from bouillabaise to onion. "Brasseries rustle with all that makes Parisian life Parisian," writes the author in this charming guide, first published in France, which will lead travelers to the best of these beloved institutions.

In the vast landscape of French eateries—from restaurants and bistros to bouillons and cafés—perhaps the most beloved are brasseries. Wepler, Bofinger, Lipp: the names are to this day synonymous with good dining and good taste. Francois Thomazeau's profiles of the most beautiful brasseries of Paris provide a unique glimpse into their history, lore, legend, and atmosphere.

About the Author

François Thomazeau is a sports writer, an author of detective novels, and an editor—three professions requiring inspiration and perspiration (and time spent in cafés). He is the author ofThe Authentic Bistros of Paris (The Little Bookroom).

About the Photographer

Sylvain Ageorges is a photographer specializing in Paris. His photographs appeared in The Authentic Bistros of Paris (The Little Bookroom).