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ISBN: 978-1-892145-73-4
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Paperback, 240 pages

The Best Vintage, Antique and Collectible Shops in Paris

By Edith Pauly
Photographs by Sandrine Alouf

Fifty-eight eclectic shops—and the Porte de Vanves and Clignancourt flea markets—are profiled and photographed in this invaluable guide to shopping for that perfect decorative object. Whether you're searching for Grand Tour luggage, monogrammed linen sheets, child-sized Thonet furniture, etched glassware, old postcards, or Art Deco lighting, you'll find clues to their whereabouts in these pages.

The author describes it best:

Antiques aficionados and rummagers of every stripe: call to mind dimly lit attics, trunks smelling of old leather, dusty cartons, and that indescribable tingle of suspense aroused by the idea of a hidden prize which has been lying there, biding its time, waiting for you to find it.... Paris still contains many mysterious secrets and magical places, which you'll discover, to your wonderment, as you explore its many second-hand stores, brimming with all sorts of decorative curiosities. At the rear of a courtyard or sheltered by a 19th-century arcade, in a Gothic stone basement or in an ordinary looking shop, you will find a cornucopia of delights at a variety of prices, always with charm.

About the Author

Édith Pauly is the author of a book for children, Gigi, la grenouille qui voulait voire la mer, and the French correspondent to Interni, a design magazine from Milan, Italy.

About the Photographer

Sandrine Alouf is a French photographer whose photographs appear in Paris Chic & Trendy and Boutique & Chic Hotels in Paris (both The Little Bookroom). Her installation of photographs of clouds along the platform of the RER Luxemboug station in Paris was called "À ciel ouvert" ("Open to the sky").