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The Cookbook Collection

Every day, the artists and scholars of the American Academy in Rome gather round tables for shared meals prepared by the chefs and cooks of the Rome Sustainable Food Project, a program devoted to providing organic, local, and sustainable meals for the AAR. Started by Alice Waters and once headed by Mona Talbott and Christopher Boswell, the RSFP is now run by Executive Chef Christopher Behr. RSFP meals are inspired by la cucina romana, Chez Panisse, and all those who work in the AAR kitchen. The Little Bookroom publishes five RSFP cookbooks by chefs Boswell, Talbott, and Behr and all are filled with delicious and economical recipes. All five cookbooks are available as the Rome Sustainable Food Project Collection at a limited- time 30% off their combined retail prices.

Zuppe is a book of imaginative and remarkable soups, but also a guide on “the beauty and delicious rewards of frugality.” The recipes in the book are seasonal and let no food go to waste. As author Mona Talbott writes, “Wholesome, egalitarian and economical, soup is the perfect food for our modern lives."

The recipes in Pasta are authentically Italian, but with a Chez Panisse twist. Cooks will find detailed tutorials for making pastas that are light and delicious, with unexpected flavor pairings (like asparagus and basil) that make each dish a standout at any meal.

In Carne, Chef Christopher Behr shares more than sixty exceptionally delicious recipes that celebrate community and make a special occasion of any meal. He also includes an entire chapter of his favorite contorni, the fresh and bright vegetable side dishes and salads that pair especially well with meat.

Organized seasonally, Verdure is an ideal book for cooks who want to add more vegetables to their meals. Based on a healthy Mediterranean diet, the recipes in Verdure are for Italian contorni, or side dishes, that can be eaten alone or with any meal.

And for dessert is Biscotti, a collection of fifty authentic, simple recipes for the Italian bite-sized cookies. The book includes recipes for traditional Italian biscotti that are eaten for breakfast with caffè latte or dipped into a glass of vino dolce, and also recipes that seem as if they could be lifted from an Italian or Renaissance kitchen.

The collection includes: