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Paris Quiz

By Dominique Lesbros

Even the most devoted Francophile will learn something new from these 400 multiple-choice questions, by arrondissement, ranging from obscure lore to facts about well-known buildings, streets, and statues with fascinating and often humorous histories. A delightful way to explore the city on foot or via armchair.

Here are the author's suggestions about how to use Paris Quiz:

What if the roads, the monuments, the statues and the history of the capital were the pretext for a thousand questions? The questions that follow are each provided with three possible answers, one true, the other two far-fetched, deceptive, treacherous at times. But be careful! In exceptional cases, more than one answer may be correct. Will you be able to recognize them?

About the Author

Dominique Lesbros is the author of numerous books, including Musées insolites de Paris (Unusual Museums of Paris), Découvertes insolites autour de Paris (Unusual Discoveries Around Paris), and Les Coulisses de Paris (Paris, Behind the Scenes).